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যে সকল বিষয় নিয়ে আপনি লিখতে পারেন Technology, Science, Religious. And Love Story , এই চার Category বাহিরে লিখলে গ্রহনযোগ্য হবে না, আরেকটা বিষয় লেখা যাবে না News or Trending News গ্রহণযোগ্য নয়
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Best Solution Tuning is a Technology Based Blog. So all the tune must be of science and technology. Creative, informative, science, technology and quality tune will be the best solution.
First Conditions Do Not Write Copyright Content From online collection, Do not use copy paste from google or others platform content , If you have any creativity knowledge for writing , you can make a account otherwise do not make account on our website, Second Conditions : Do not use any VPN For views , You have to think always google copyright and violations Terms, You can earn money From Our website For Working Legal content and original views , We have right to delete your account and cancel your balance for anything Wrongs , The original language of all tunes published in Best Solution tune must be in Bengali and tune should have at least 50/60 percent Bengali language and Minimum 500 Word Articles Allow, there may be only a few English languages, but no other language translated into English can be tuned. It can not be tuned by writing Bangla with English font or distorting the non-English language. Avoid using unnecessary Bangla synonyms of technical terms while tuning. Try to use it if there is any type of term used in the term. Various types of software cracks, serials, keygen etc. can not be directly published or uploaded, but can be uploaded by link anywhere else. If someone uploads any crack, serial, keygen etc., then the best Solution Tune will not be responsible for this, but Best Solution Tune always discourages these people. The issue of hacking, cracking, phishing, cyber crime etc. can be tuned. But keep in mind that it does not harm any website or anybody or harm anyone. Publication of news, news, information or other articles from various news magazines, news media, community blogs, tune publication or tune tunes or suspension Best Solution Tune decision is considered to be the key. You can not link your blog or any other blog to read the rest of the tune. If you need to tune completely then you can tune the author and the source of the text. Your blog or any other blog address can not be given for tune download. It may not be written by any other blog, or any other blogger or other person’s writing or any other source may not be exact or partially copied or tuneed in itself. Anyone can copy the exact copy of any tune and paste it, but before that the permission of the author should be given or the links to the previously published tune should be mentioned. Authors can post their own blog or any tune of their personal blog, which was published earlier. However, the link to the previously published tune must be specified. It can not be tuned with any kind of Adsense or Affiliate National Ad and Link and affiliate link. No link, site and blog address and link can be used in tune-up so that affiliate national ad and link or affiliate file host link. Tune with online income and freelancing will definitely be guided and documented. No tuning can be done for job announcement, recruitment of people, recruitment of people for online income etc. No advertising tune can be published for public purpose, not just for business purposes. It can be done with proper and full details of the organization or product’s objectives and activities, and it must be in the public interest. Best Solution Tuning decision to publish tune in this regard will be considered as the head of the campaign and no tune for promotions. But in this case you can take help from the Advocateising Department of Best Solution Tune. Email: admin@bestsolution.me If there is any kind of contact address in the comments by buying both Buying or Selling Dollar tuners and selling dollars, the commentator will be permanently blocked without showing any reason. The same site can not be featured in different ways for promotional purposes. Always refrain from such behavior. There can not be any tunes about porn and immoral. Some things that violate copyright laws, such as: images, information and text can not be published. There can be no tuning of issues that hurt religious and social background, or such writing can not be tuned. This poison considers the best solution to be very important. Can not be used for any obscene, derogatory, insulting, provocative or objectionable, indecent suggestive words or sentences. Regarding the comments No one can be abused or personally attacked (tuner or anyone else). No word or sentence can be used for indecent, degrading, insulting, provocative or offensive, indecent indecent words. The request can not be requested for crack, serial, keygen etc. by mentioning directly or email address. Comments can not be published to link, text, files, etc. of direct crack, serial, keygen etc. Best Solution Tune does not carry legal or any other liability for comments. Comment about aproves Links to any site or service can not be expressed directly in the comments for the campaign. Comments must be rich in information and relieved with the post. Comments can not be given for any comments in the comments, but if your link with the post is reliever, then it may be considered for Aprov. You can provide links to your site at website options. ID and name related A name or pseudonym can not be used as an ID and name that alters the name of any tunike. Any ID, name and name can be created and used to quote a person, class, or group, respected by prominent political, religious and social values. No ID and name can be used to socially disturb any common name or to feel indecent from social-cultural perspective. Warning For breaking one or more policies, Best Solution Tune has the ability to remove / cancel or ban different periods of any tunicular e-mail at any time with no prior notice or not.