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January 26, 2020, 3:38 am

The driver seats in India are changing?

The driver seats in India are changing?

Narendra Modi’s BJP is going to win by a huge margin. Photo: Narendra Modi, one of the most discussed topics on the field of election since the voting began on Twitter. Or is there a change in Delhi? The topic of discussion in the politics of voting was about 90 million voters who would choose for the next five years. At the end of the seven-point vote, there was a slight glimpse of the answer. The country is once again in the hands of Modi, and with more seats than before.

Uttar Pradesh is the most talked about when elections are held in India. Because, 803 of the 543 seats in this state If you can keep the kingdom in the possession of the magic figure 272 can be easily topped. And so in India’s big state of Uttar Pradesh, there is an eye on the results of elections. This is not the case. All the parties watch the Uttar Pradesh elections to win. Akhilesh Yadav, a leader of several Samajwadi Party’s Mayawati and Samajwadi Party leader, was named in the vote against BJP. But the Boothfertil survey shows that Uttar Pradesh’s Bua-Bhatija (Pufu-nephew) alliance is going to be badly failing.

What is the outcome of the ‘Samajwadi Party’ of the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party? What is the information coming out of Uttar Pradesh in the Boothferrat survey, after the evening on Sunday, it was also targeted at all. But in the study of Boothfret yesterday, the information provided by various agencies about Uttar Pradesh, has increased the interest of the people.

In the 2014 election like 2014, there is a glimpse of Modi-magic work. Photo: Collective Politics There is a word in the middle, the northern province of Delhi is his name. The key to holding power at the center is always in the hands of Uttar Pradesh. This has become the most prime minister of the state. Many people say the ‘mini parliament vote’ in Uttar Pradesh’s Vidhan Sabha poll. Given the Lok Sabha election, the BJP got a huge majority after reaching ‘magic figure’ with a remarkable good result from Uttar Pradesh. Now, the information that is available in the Boothfirst survey, the key to the decision of the central government so far was in the hands of the Uttar Pradesh, whether the question remains or not, the question came forward. Various media and booths survey shows that BJP’s seats are now declining in Uttar Pradesh.

* The NDA is getting more than 300 seats in the booth survey
* Uttar Pradesh, whose Delhi is now, is no longer feeling it
* Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly is termed as ‘Mini Lok Sabha’

In other words, Uttar Pradesh’s number of seats is no longer the criterion for taking center powers in India. This is what the Boothferrat survey says. Of the 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh, BJP alone got 73 seats last year. It is said that the survey of various organizations is expected to reduce the BJP’s 15 to 20 seats in Uttar Pradesh. Someone else is also being asked to reduce the 50 seats in the survey. There is a smog on what is going on in Uttar Pradesh. This will take time to smog. Wait till May 23. Political analysts are expected to cut the smog by releasing results on 23 May. However, the survey of almost all Boothfertil surveys has resulted in the decline of BJP’s seats in the state of Yogi more than last year and will not hinder the BJP for the formation of government in the center. In other words, in the center of the government, the Uttar Pradesh does not have the role of the driver or the controller, which has always been seen in the past.

As the BJP’s seats in Uttar Pradesh are declining, most of the Boothfest surveys have come to the fore, and there is an indication that the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samajwadi Party and the ‘Grand Alliance’ of the state parties will perform well.

It is believed that the Modi-led coalition government in Uttar Pradesh is not doing well, but the results are not good. But the Mayawati-Akhilesh alliance is growing seats rather than Gailbaar. Image: There is a difference between the survey of different agencies about how good the collection will be. In the survey of any organization, the great fruit of the Grand Allot has said. Again, no survey indicated that something good would not happen. SAPA-BSPA, RLD’s alliance is going to get at least 20 seats in the survey of all organizations. The BJP is not able to do anything good in the state even if the seats are reduced but the indication is that. Almost all surveys say, Congress is getting two to three seats in Uttar Pradesh. UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi Rae Bareli and Congress President Rahul Gandhi won the Amethi by a huge margin. According to the BoothFrat survey, the Congress could get only one seat if it is too much.

This is the first SAPA-BSPA coalition in Uttar Pradesh. Two political rivals have been united against the BJP. Since Mayawati-Akhilesh’s handling, Uttar Pradesh was expected to take the role of the judges in forming the government at the center. But he will not be wrong if he says no more. Boothferrat survey is never sure, and in the past there are many instances of booth surveying in the past. Now the point is to see whether the Uttar Pradesh can come back to the booth survey as a ‘knockout’, as if it was the center of power grabbing. The answer is to wait till May 23.

The BJP-led NDA has been going to power again after winning many seats in the wake of various polling booths. NDA is going to get more than 300 seats This time the UPA-led UPA will throw a lot behind the NDA alliance. Others will also fall behind.

NDA got 334 seats in last election (2014). Of these, BJP alone won 282 seats. The UPA got only 60 seats. The Central Congress won 44 seats. Others got 149 seats.

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